Sunday, July 13, 2008

LOOOONG TIME.... Too long time!

Hello everyone and everydoggy and everycat and everyhamster! How are you?
Again I was so lazy and I didn’t update my blog… actually the human with the computer was not at home… was at the seaside without me! Shame on you human with the computer! You left me home! Shame! And now this human of mine has the nerve to leave me alone again… The human with the computer is leaving to Paris next week…

[Human with the computer’ note: Ronin will not be home alone of course! He likes to whine about everything.]

OK… now about ME! I’m not grounded anymore, although I peed a few times in the house; but I’m so cute that I can get out of trouble really fast. Yesterday I had a really nice bath (the humans said that I smell… MOI?)… I had my nails clipped. I’m so cute!

Now I have a few photos of the Amazing ME! And a few photos from my human with the computer’ trip…

See ya!
Euro 2008 ended! Can I eat Trix and Flix now?
Bubbleeeeeeees!!! I loooove bubbles!
Where did it go???
GO! GO! I want more bubbles!
Yukkk! They don't taste so good...
Come here!
I'm a warrior!!! I fight against bubbles!
The Danube River (it flows through four capital cities: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade and through many countries before it reaches the Black Sea - Romania)
A small part of the Saligny Bridge
Sunrise! The human with the computer and friends woke up at 4.30 am to catch the surise!
Sunrise again...
SWANS!!! They were very friendly!
They are cute, no?
Look at those wings!