Friday, September 29, 2006

The Pickles

Hello everybody! Here autumn came and stayed. It’s a little cold outside and still cloudy and rainy. I’m not bothered because I’m very good inside and spoiled by my humans. This couple of days my humans “put the pickles”… it’s a really nice tradition here: everyone prepares for the holidays in advanced; so they prepare the pickles: bell peppers, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes (still green), cucumbers, everything with a lot of spices and all is put in large jars witch are opened for holiday feasts. In the process I got bell pepper and carrot! Oh yes I did! Yamiiiii!!! After I spoiled my appetite I decided to save some for later so I tried to bury some in a flower pot… Oh my humans were not very happy! Because the flower pot was inside the house… and I spread dirt everywhere. After awhile I got tired; my human noticed that I was sleepy so came with my little mattress in the kitchen because I was still very curious about everything. Last night my humans decided to see “Sleepy Hollow”… they said is a movie in the spirit of Halloween… although is still a month till then. But it was fun because I barked at all the noises and screams from the movie. Lots of kisses!! See’ya!

Monday, September 25, 2006

My Nails

Oh my God, I was so tired this weekend… It rained so much and it was cloudy… so I was very sleepy. Of course I didn’t sleep ALL the time; I’m no angel! I jumped and I ran in everyone’s feet. I barked… and my bark sounds more mature (!?) every day. My parents tried to cut my nails… but I’m not stupid; I didn’t let them! If they cut my nails how can I scratch everything? They are funny when they try to cut my nails when I sleep… but my senses are very sharp :) so there is no chance!!!

See' yaaaaaaa guys!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Chilly weather

Today was the first real autumn day… a lot of rain and I was very sleepy… And cold! So I decided to take measures… I climbed into the bed and I found my lost friend – the big doll – to comfort me. :) It was nice of her to let me cuddle. After lunch my human grandma came and played with me a LOT! I like to play with her because she lets me do anything… even to lick her spectacles. Finally my tail is doing fine :). It is curled and cute. One of my humans put some medicine on my tail and after I felt a lot better. I decided not to jump so much because I can hurt myself. Sometimes when I play I forget I’m only 3 months… so I play a little rough. But everyone knew about my tail and they called to see if I’m ok… Humans are funny!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A New Friend

Hello!!! Today I would like you to meet my new friend! Her name is Peggy, she is a Pekinese and she is 3 months. She is veeeeeeery playful (like me). She loves to cuddle and to give lots of kisses! She looks like a little doll, doesn’t she?? Her human parents spoil her a lot (we know another doggy dog who is very spoiled… yessss that’s me!). Oh and she simply loves carrots! Yes she does!!!
I had a few bad days… it seems I hurt my tail… my humans are so worry… I was keeping my tail down… Today I started to hold it like it should be… Hope that the pain will go away.
Kisses to all and pay attention to your tails when you jump around!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The little chewer

I really, really can’t do anything without you??? I want to chew this little shoe… What a nice idea they had! To make a little shoe for me to chew! :) Now can you leave me alone? You can’t? Why? Oh you love to take pictures of me… You know what? You should be very careful where you put that camera… you never know what could happen to it… I don’t know… someday you can find it with a lot of bites on it… it is just an example… :P

Friday, September 15, 2006

Teddy and Me

Yesterday I found a new enemy! Yes I did!!! He is brown and I really want to bite him! He was nagging me and I decided to put him where he belongs. I carried him into the hall and there we began the fight; it’s true that he was bigger but I was brave! Of course the humans thought that it was funny and they took pictures; but I was serious! It was WAR! The brown thing they call a Teddy Bear, I call him my ENEMY! In the end one of my humans took the “Teddy” from me… and put it somewhere out of my reach. But I’m gone get that brown thing and tear it into little pieces. I told you that I’m a little warrior but do not make the wrong impression! I’m a very cute puppy, who loves to cuddle, but I want to bite that brown “Teddy”! Oh, yes I do!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Love to Bark

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A Naughty Boy

Hello again! My humans are wondering why I like water so much… It’s true… I’m fascinated with it… I love to jump in a splash of water. I’m a funny puppy! Oh, yes I am! It is odd because I’ve started to be a little chill… the weather changed; they blame this on autumn; but it’s ok because I can sleep in the bed covered with a blanket; another reason for me to be spoiled. My humans discovered a lot of things I like to hide in my little play house; I don’t know why they were upset… Sunday I took a thing they call “Barbie Doll”… I wasn’t interested with the doll but her shoes! Oh yesss! And I hid one of them… The humans were scared that I swallowed the little shoe; finally they found the shoe hidden and they calmed down. They took the shoe and the doll; no problem I’ll get my paws on her!!! The revenge is mine! :P


Thursday, September 07, 2006


I’m 3 months!!! Happy birthday to the “Amazing ME”!!! I’m so modest, u see? :PBecause everyone knows I’m a spoiled little boy, it’s not a surprise that I want to sleep in the bed… oh yes I do! So you wonder how I can jump into the bed being such a tiny baby. One of my humans had the brilliant idea of using an old box from a tape recorder for me to jump on it and from that into the bed! I was so happy about the idea! Now I can jump off the bed and on the bed without any problems! :)I found out just now that my humans prepare a surprise for me! Beef for my lunch!!! Yupiii!!! Wonder what they’ll prepare for my 4th month birthday… See'Yaaaa!!!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This is one of my first baby pictures

I was so tiny and sweet!

My History (So Far)

I was born on June 7, 2006. It was such a hot day… I don’t remember very much about my first weeks… I opened my eyes and I saw my mummy and my brothers and sisters. We didn’t have many things to do: just eat, play, poo and sleep. On July 26 I met new humans… they were so funny because they were sure that I need to be fed with a dropper because I was so tiny. They looked at me and they loved me (of course!) and they decided to take me to a new home. A new home, JUST MINE! I was a little frightened of the change; but I got home and I received a new basket just for me, and new toys! I started to like my new life! My humans were so agitated around me when I first started to cough; we surfed the internet and we found out that many little puppy pugs cough in their first months of life; but my humans weren’t sure yet… we went to the vet and she said it could be a canine cough… but after some investigations everything cleared! I was fine… just my nose too small… and the heat from outside. I started to grow… in just a month I’ve grown so much! I got many, many toys, everyone spoiled me, and I became a little naughty boy! :P
I’m the center o attention for my humans and even for other humans… When they call they ask about me. Looool!!! I’m a V.I.P. (P. from Puppy).
See’ yaaaaaa!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Little Explorer

Hello! This weekend I decided that it would be fun to explore the shower cabin; the bath tub was too tall to reach…: P So I climbed into the shower… it was lots of fun and it was wet… I liked it. On Thursday I’ll be 3 months! What a big boy I am!! Yeees!!! And such a cute one!

Monday, September 04, 2006

STEVE IRWIN 22.02.1962 - 4.09.2006

My humans and I just found out that Steve Irwin is no longer among us… :( We are very sad… Our thoughts and prayers are with Terri and the kids.
Steve, you will be missed by everyone!
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Friday, September 01, 2006

The bone biscuit is mine!!!

I've got a bone biscuit! Na, na, naaa!!! It’s mine! Leave me alone! I’m not sharing with you my biscuit! It is so goooood! With chicken! But my human is nagging me with the camera. Let me finish the biscuit and then will “talk”, ok? Thank you! :)