Sunday, June 29, 2008

I’m Grounded…

Hey guys! Thank you all for my B-day wishes! I wish all the best to all! Again I was a terrible blogger… and what can I say about commenting on my friends’ bloggies… Sorry guys!

You are wondering why I’m grounded?! I started to pee-pee everywhere in the house… in the kitchen, in the bedrooms, on the living room carpet… Don’t know why… I have this feeling that I HAVE TO pee everywhere! But the humans seem not to understand…
They yell a lot! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! RONIIIIIIIIIIIN! Ya’ but what can I say?!

The human with the computer is preparing that black box to go somewhere… don’t know where… But I decided to stay in the box so I can go too… But it seems that the naughty puggies are not allowed… :(

Oh well… At least the human helped me to write this post although I’m grounded.
How are you guys?
Have a super Sunday!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! TO ME!!!! I'm 2!!!!

Birthday Puggy! I'm a little confused...
What do you want from me? It's my birthday? Today? Already?
R u sure?
What? What?
Oh boy! Oh boy!!!!
AND GIFTS! But let me eat this first!
Oh this is so yummieeee!
Very gooooood!
Let me eat MY cake!
Why are you laughing????
No! You know I like to open my gifts alone!
A tooooooooooooy!
It's mine!
And a new bandana! I'm so cool!
I'm Ronin! I'm 2!
My cute face! Happy Birthday to ME!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Again Long Time No Bloggy…

Hey guys! How are you all? Again my apologizes for not posting/commenting for tooooo many days!I can tell you I was a very good boy… A couple of wee-wees in the kitchen but who is counting those.On Sunday I got a new toy! Yaaaa! You know how much I love to get new toys. This is just the beginning; this Saturday it’s my BIRTHDAY!!! I’ll be 2! Can you believe what a big boy I am? TWO! Wow! So I’m going to receive more presents and a cake just for me.This Saturday another major event will take place (that is what the human with the computer is saying): the start of UEFA European Football Championship!!! It is organized by two countries: Austria and Switzerland! And there will be two cool mascots! Trix and Flix!!! Our national team plays in Group C… The specialists say that this is the death group because we will play with 3 major football powers: France, Italy and Netherlands! Oh boy, oh boy! This is my first football championship! Hihihihi!Well I’m so excited! Can’t wait!This Saturday I had a super bath; the humans said that I smell like a sock… oh well… so I had a very nice bath. I’m so puffy right now…:) Also the human clipped my nails; of course I made a fool of myself with so many whining.
On Saturday I’ll post photos from my birthday!See’ya all!!
For meeee??? Oh boy! Thanks!

A photo plz!

Now go away! I want to take a nap!
I look so cute after a nice bath! And I smell so niceee!
Meet Trix and Flix!!!