Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!! And A New Pug in Town....

Happy Easter to all my friends who celebrate/celebrated Easter this Sunday! We will celebrate Easter next week… It’s just a way in which the Easter Bunny tries to avoid me… But I’m going to get him and keep all the presents! YA!
Talking about presents! You should see what one of my humans got from a friend! And I’m not talking about the human with the computer - the toy freak… what human? I thought I should mention your toy addiction… as if people don’t know!
Any way… the present shocked me at first! You will see why… We have photos!
I also got my anti-rabies and other anti-I can’t pronounce/write vaccine! Ohooo! I acted like a total goof at the clinic… everyone laughed… they said that my tongue looked like a tie… ya… I was so embarrassed.

Now: PHOTOS!!!
See ya!!!

Who is this? WHAT is this? Are you trying to make fun of me, human?

No funny moves!

That’s my food you little thing! Got it?
What? What? What are you doing???
You areee making fun of me, human! It’s a tooooy! A puggy toy! It’s MINE!
What do you mean? It's MINE, I tell you!
There’s no point in discussing the matter… the pug toy belongs to me. You tried to trick me and it didn’t work… you have to deal with the consequences!
I said NO!
No, I'm not sleepy! What? What is the other puggy toy that I wasn't allowed to chew doing here?
I'm funny? I look funny to you? Cute you say? Sometimes I wished I was a German Shepard... I wouldn’t look so funny and cute then, right?
Vaccin??? Why??? I was good... A few pee-pees... but what was the harm in those...
Freeeeeee! Oh well, my butt hurts, but I'm happy!
What? Someone with a needle... Let's run!
Hurry, hurry! Let's get into the car!