Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter my friends!!! Hope that the Easter Bunny will bring you lots of toys and treats! Hihihi!!! We will celebrate Easter at the end of April around here… it’s not fair! I wanted new toys now! Oh well… I have to be patient…
We wanted to go to grandma’s house this weekend but the weather was “mean”… so we had to reschedule our little trip…
The human with the computer is happy to report that finally my nails had been clipped off… I don’t know why these humans are so stubborn when it comes to nails… They called me Dracula… Can you believe it??? And I made a show when the process of clipping nails begun… oh you should have heard and saw me… Too bad we don’t have photos.

Give me! Give me! NOW!

Hmmm... you are making fun of me!
I'm cute! So give some food!
I'm bored...
I'm not making faces!
One more photo!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stitches, Obelix, Vaccine and a Teddy Bear

Hiiiiiiiii guys!!! How are you all? Before telling you all what I was up to these couple of weeks, we want to congratulate Kara and Alan from and welcome their new baby giiiirl!!!! :)

Well, you all have been informed about my surgery… everything was super! The first stitch fell after a few days; and the second and the third after more than 10 days; my humans were so relief that they fell by themselves and I didn’t have to go to the vet and be anesthetized again so that they could take them off!
You all know how much I love to steal toys! A few days ago I managed to put my paw on an Obelix action figure and today on a Teddy bear. Of course the humans run after me and claimed them back… but you know I’m stubborn! I will get those toys again! I will!
For about a week now, I’m trying a new “treatment” for my allergy… Liv52 Liver Care… it’s made of plants and I love to take them! The vet said I have intolerance at some proteins… especially those from chicken… and I love chicken… but after I eat it I scratch like a maniac…
And speaking of allergies! Yesterday I had my anti-rabies shot done!!! Yupiiii! The human with the computer gave me a claritine right after the shot and I was fineeee! No swelling like the last time! After the visit to the vet I had a very nice bath and now I smell like a puppy!

Now a question for you guys! Do you have any news from Suki and Joey and Duke and Gidget??????? I really miss them!
A super Sunday all!!!

I want to play with something new... I'm thinking... what can I steal?
Bingo!!!! Hahahaha!!! Obelix!!! I bite you!
Where are we going human? To the vet???! Why??
Let me sniff here!
I'm such a brave puggy!
Can you see where the stitches were? I want that Teddy! Give it to me!
Look at my puppy face! C'mon give it to me so I can bite it! Oh! I don't need your help anymore! Hehehehe!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Happy Mărţişor!!!!!!

Hello everyoneeee!! Happy 1st of March! Spring is here!!!! For those who don’t know the story of Mărţişor, please read my 2007 post about it:
Today I got a new harness! I look so tough in it… don’t I? Hihihihi!!! And because I was so brave this week with the surgery, stitches and all my humans bought me a lion toy! It’s so cool! And I got a toy tennis shoe! Hahaha!!! Just for me! I told you I’m very spoiled!
I send kisses and hugs to all! Have super weekend!!!

What? Did you say something?
Ooooo for me??? Thank youuu!
My new fight toy! I like it! Nah-nah-naah-naaah-naaaaaaah!
What? No I didn't detroy it... YET!
Don't make fun of me!
Grrrrrr! A very nice fight! Now let's rest!

Can you cut the tag plz?