Friday, March 30, 2007

The Godfather/The Pugfather

Yes that’s me! It’s true I don’t have a cigar but a Rodeo Snack from Pedigree (I love these snacks). Finally the weather looks a lot better and maybe will go to grandma this weekend! Of course my human will have the camera so I’ll have a few photos for you next week! :) So I wish you all a nice weekend!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rain... Rain... Rain...

I hate the rain! Because of “her” we didn’t go to the countryside this weekend! It rained, and it was cold and windy! I’m still very upset… I wanted to run in the grass with grandma’s dogs.
So this weekend I tried do enjoy myself bugging my humans! I tried to “kill” some papers (it seems they were important because I was yelled at), I peed on a carpet (hihihi – not much… just to study my humans’ reaction)… I stayed in everyone’s feet, I fought with the vacuum cleaner (I’m not afraid of it anymore), I tried again the bed stuff and I got stuck… this time I started winning because of the frustration… my human helped me again., I barked a loooot… nothing and no one could stop me (in the end my humans used a trick learnt from Animal Planet – they took a Coke can and put a few coins in it and started shaking it – at that point I stopped barking…. OK… I shouldn’t tell you about that… I give ideas to your humans).
Now I found a little spot of sun and took my teddy and went to a little siesta after my breakfast. See ya!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Houston, We Have a Problem!

OK, OK! Is not like it never happened to anyone to get stuck under the bed… Oh… just to me, my human says. I tried to see what is under the bed… usually I find a carton box and I chew it… But it wasn’t there. So I wanted to go somewhere else to play… But I got stuck! Of course my human laughed… and called the other human who was at home… and they both laughed. What was so funny? I simply couldn’t get out; the question is “how did I enter under the bed??" Can anyone figure it out?? Finally my human pulled me out. Stupid bed…

Monday, March 19, 2007

My Bandana

Hello everyone and everydoggy! How are you all? I’m just fine… a little naughty… I’m starting to leave the puppyhood behind… that’s what my humans say… I really don’t know. I have to admit that I’m a little bit determined in everything I do (chasing human feet, biting sleepers, barking at every noise… things like that).
A couple of days ago I ate a biscuit and I think it went on the wrong way… so I started to honk… honk… It happened to me before… after drinking water, but it went away really quickly… But not this time… I “honked” all evening; my humans were really worried… but the next day I was just fine. Weird this “honking” business, I tell you… So be careful and chew your food!
This weekend will go to my other human grandma, in the countryside! I can’t wait! Finally the weather is so nice around here… green grass, flowers, birds singing!
In the next photos it’s ME (of course! – who else?!) wearing the old bandana. Here am I again, half a year ago wearing the same bandana… I was just a little puppy when I got it! And look at me now! Don’t I look cute?

Just a second, plzzz! Let me chew it a little before taking my photo...

Hahahah!!!! This is so funny!

Ok, Ok! I'm a nice puggy...
Cute Ronin!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Won! I Won!!!

Hi guys! Today this human of mine visited and saw that I won for January 2007 Monthly Best Site! I’m so modest!!! So I would like to thank Takashi Ito from; to all the people who voted for my blog; to my puggy mommy and my puggy daddy for the genes, for the looks and curly tail; to my humans for bringing me into my new home; to Little Chicken & Big Chicken for being such good toys; oh yah! and to my human with the computer…
I told you that yesterday I had a problem with the sponge ball… Well, today the human with the computer bought me a ball just for me!

It's Mine? Just Mine?

Nice Ball! Yes! I love it!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Ronin’s Little Wish

I wish I could be bigger… a lot bigger! And I will tell you why! Yesterday I put my little paw on a small ball… it was laying around so I thought it was for me; I was so happy because it was so soft and of course I wanted to tear it into little pieces. But one of my humans appeared and told me to put it down; so I did (I’m a good boy). But I didn’t imagine that my human would put it THERE! So high! So I tried to beg… but the ball didn’t want to fall down… That’s why I want to be bigger… My human told me that I’m not allowed to chew that particular ball because is made of sponge, which is not good for dogs… Ya’ right!
Begging puggy...
What do you want? Gimmie that ball! C'mon human!!!Look into my eyes! And only into my eyes! Now you are going to fall!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy 9 months birthday to… ME!

Hello!!! How are you all? I’m just fine! I got a doggy beef stick for my birthday… I devoured it so quickly that my humans had no reaction at all (I’m talking about taking photos). These humans and their camera… they already have 1,000 photos of me…
This weekend I stayed home alone for a couple of hours and I decided to tear up the flower that was on the hall way. Oh and I did, I did!!! When my humans came back they were upset a little… but they know I’m always a good boy when I’m left alone… except this time… that flower made me go wild.