Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Am So Brave!

Yes!!! I did it! I had the surgery! Oh boy! I’m so brave!!! But you should have seen me on the days before the surgery… Humans said that for sure I understood what the vet said and that’s way I was so saaaad! Of course I understood! What?! I’m stupid or something?! The humans were very, very nervous and scared… And this added to my sadness. Yesterday I was scheduled for the procedure at 6 pm. Two of my humans and I got to the clinic half an hour earlier… oh! Everyone there spoiled me! I got a free massage from one of the docs! Hihihihi!!! I socialized with all the doctors and nurses and other clinic staff. And at 6.02 pm one of the vets (the one we talked to on Saturday) took me in his arms and we went to another room… The humans are very curious what happened there… but I’m not telling! Hihihi!!! Actually tell you the truth I can’t remember very much… I fall asleep and wake up after awhile a little dizzy and the surgery team was laughing of me. And they called my humans to see that I’m fine and I can walk!
The doc said that we shouldn’t worry about the booboo because it’s nothing bad there! YUPI! And in about 10 days the stitches should fall off by themselves…
Last night I was so happy to be home; I was a little tired… But happy!

No! I don't want to come! NO! I don't want to go to the vet! C'mon human! Look at my cute puppy face!
I'm soooo sad! (This photo was taken on Saturday night after the visit to the vet)
What are you talking about? Plz continue with the massage!
Hey! Can you see the stitches?? And don't I look cute?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

On The Way to The Vet...

Hey guys… Today I have an appointment to the vet… I’m scared… I hope my booboo it’s not a bad thing… :( I’ll keep you posted…

Ronin's human with the computer note:
We just came back from the vet... the doc says it's a hemangioma... and Ronin needs a surgery... he is scheduled for Tuesday... We are so scared... first because of the anesthesia and for the results of the tests (although the vet pointed out that usually hemangiomas are benign tumors)... Hope everything will be OK!
Ronin's human with the computer note:
Thanks everyone for your support! You are the best! We came back an hour ago from the vet... everything went very well and Ronin it's back to himself... a little sleepy now. Tomorrow he will tell you all about it! Kisses!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heeeeeey all!!! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!
How are you? I’m just fine! I’m so spoiled lately! This weekend I got a new stuffed toy (I play with it only when people are around! You remember the Teddy story, no?). And I got a new play house!!! It is soooo cool! I just love it! And I’m not willing to share it with no one!
The zit looks the same… swollen… you can see it in the photos. My humans talked to the vet and we will go see him next week. I don’t want to!

Today my human with the computer found out that little Baby from Boy’n’Baby is missing… my human is so upset… me too… I can’t believe it! We will add a little photo of Baby and if you see her tell her family!!!
Huuuugs to everydoggy!
I like you! I shall call you... DODO!
What? It's my Dodo! Find yourself another toy, human!
Ooooooo!!! What can I say? I love it!
Nop! I don't want to get out!
Let me smell this plant! Can I eat it? No?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Oops... I did it again!

Hey guys! It seems I started to stink at updating my bloggy! And it’s the human with the computer fault! Yes it is! I am such a good puggy! I deserve everything!
[Human with the computer’ note: actually, Ronin was not a very good puggy… he peed again in beds… We think he is at a certain age… he is an adolescent, no? :P]
Go away human! It’s MY blog! MINE! So make your own blog and write there what you want! Here you write what I tell you to!
OK. Sooo I’m a very good puggy! A little pee-pee it’s not a very big thing, no?
Last week I had a very nice bath! Of course I didn’t want to have my nails clipped off so I rebelled and hid. I’m so smart…
Talking about adolescence we found out that pugs can suffer from acne! Can you believe it?? I have for about 3 weeks now a biiig thing on my chin… it’s really swollen and I bumped a few times in different furniture and the thing bled a lot! After some “google” we think it’s a zit… I just hope I can avoid going to the vet!
I wish you all a very nice weekend!!!
Huuugs to everydoggy!!!

No! I'm not waking up! I like to sleep... Go away!