Wednesday, February 28, 2007

March 1 – Mărţişor

The time has come to tell you a little about a Romanian tradition; Mărţişor is the traditional celebration of the beginning of spring. The name it’s actually a diminutive of the month name March (Martie in Romanian). Men give a little gift to women, little gift called Mărţişor; the “Mărţişor” can be a little decoration like a flower, an animal, a little painted stone etc., tiled to a red and white string. The believe is that if you wear a red and white string on March 1 you will be strong and healthy for all the year to come; in some parts of Romania, the women give the “Mărţişor” to the men – in Moldova ( Romania has 3 historical divisions – Ţara Românească, Transilvania and Moldova).
The origin of “Mărţişor” is not very well established but some historians say that it originated in Ancient Rome, because the New Year was celebrated on the 1st of March (the month that celebrated the god Mars – the war god) when the nature rebirths. God Mars was the protector of agriculture and of war, and it is said that is why the colors of the string are white and red: peace and war.
The little gift is also given by women to other women: girls give the “Mărţişor” to their mothers, grand mothers, relatives, and friends.
Nowadays, the little “Mărţişor” has changed a little bit; the traditional symbols like chimney-sweep, trefoil, and horseshoe (all meaning luck) had been replaced by all kinds of little stuff animals. But the meaning is the same: the joy of spring!

Can I eat them after you take my photo? No? Why? Grrrr!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007


The weather is playing tricks on us around here; it’s too cold for this time of the year… a couple of weeks ago were 20 degrees C and now just 4!!! And it looks like is going to snow! We had no snow for Christmas, and now, when March is coming (I’ll tell you in my next posts about March tradition – Martisor) it’s so cold. :( So I snooze around all day… Today I took my buddy Crash (you know him from Ice Age 2) and I went to bed… Of course my human pop up with the camera… But I was too sleepy to argue…
I'm so sleeeepy...

Monday, February 19, 2007


Hi guys! This weekend my humans thought it was the right time for my pedicure; I tried to hide, I tried to implore, I tried to be a good boy, but nothing worked. They came with the clippers… :( I hate this process… After it I was beat up; but I got a biscuit… I also got chicken at my meals, with soup! Yumiiieeee!!! Again, one of my humans made fun of me, but I wasn’t very upset because I looked very funny! I was a tigeeerrrr!!! With no nails... And I was allowed to tear to pieces the tiger thing after my human laughed!
The weather is not very nice here; it’s cold, so no walks in the park for me for a few days… But the spring it’s almost here so I shouldn’t be very worried, no?
Puggy pug kisses!

Friday, February 16, 2007

My Nap Time

Hello! It’s me again! How are you all? I’m just fine! I ate, played, peed, pooped, played some more, and now I’m trying to take a nap. My human left The Sims… go back to your game human! Now it’s my nap time! If I don’t nap, I’ll be grumpy! You don’t want me to be grumpy, do you? You are still here? Are you talking to me?! I don’t have to put up with this behavior!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I send lots of puggy - pug kisses to all the doggy ladies out there!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Humans and PC games...

Hellooooo!!! Wow long time no bloggy! This human of mine responsible with helping me to post my blog (you know I have no fingers), played all day long “The Sims 2”… What is wrong with these people! Playing all day on computer! They should write all day about US!
So you understand me Suki! Now let me think what happened these days (excluding the acquisition of “The Sims 2”): I found some slippers and I chew them (lucky me that they were old and nobody cared), I bite off some flowers from the flower pots in the hall (this time two of my humans chased me around the house trying to stop me to swallow the leafs), I tried to jump on the kitchen table to see if there is something good for me there (no luck – it’s too high). And of course I slept and slept! And I don’t know how, my human left “The Sims” and took the camera… What’s wrong with these people???

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'll Be 8 Months

I'm a big puggy-pug! Tomorrow I'll be 8 months… Wow… And I was a tiny thing that weight 1.54 pounds when my humans got me… Hihihi!! Little puggy! Today one of my humans thought that it would be fun to nag me… And the tool was a toy car… it has about 15 years and it still works… My “luck”… Actually my problem was not the car itself, but its antenna… I wanted to bite it off… Of course my human had the camera and took some photos… Humans enjoy the silliest things; I can’t figure it out what is wrong with them?!
What do you want me to do with this car? It is too small...
Maybe I can eat it... No??? Why???
Gimmie your antenna!!!
Ahaaaaa! Pit Stop!
And some posing! Thank you!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Play, Play, Play...

Helloooooo!!! How are you guys? I’m trying to play… I don’t know which toy to choose… I have a real ritual in starting a game with my toys! First I choose some of them from my toy box and then I carry them in one room (I prefer the living room)… there, a new process of elimination begins… The process is influenced mainly by my mood… if I’m a little nervous I will pick something of rubber or something that makes noise; if I’m only in the mood to play I pick a stuff toy… This time I picked up my green camel/horse (we still don’t know what it is)… Yup I looooove this toy!
This weekend was great; some humans came to visit and played with me; they didn’t see me before so they were very funny when they started to ask all kind of questions about me…(they all do). I was a very well brought up puggy so I got all kind of treats… After a few hours I was very tired and fell asleep.
Now a short report about my puffy-ness: I still have three meals of food: first one is some puppy food (wet puppy food), at lunch I’m served with some kibbles and wet food for big doggies, and in the evening a few kibbles and biscuits (we don’t want a full tummy when we go to bed? Don’t we?). Of course I have some carrots or other veggies… So I started with 22 pounds and now I have 20 pounds. Nice no? Pug kisses!
Which one? Which one will be the lucky one?
We have a winner!!!! Do you want to play with me? Yes?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Little Pretzel

Hello guys! How are you? I’m doing just fine… a little sleepy… And this human of mine is taking pictures of me… Plzzzz go away human! Thank you everyone for your advices about food and me being puffy! These days my humans gave me big doggy food and they saw a little difference… I don’t look so puffy anymore… I’m still having a meal of puppy food everyday and my calcium dose. I’m still a baby, no? :)

My favorite activity...
Little Pretzel... almost
See what you did??? You woke me up!