Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's Me!!!

Hello guys!!!! I missed you all this week!!! My human with the computer helps me update my blog just in weekends… I don’t like it! I don’t like it at all!
But for the moment let me tell you what I was up to this week. Suki knows that I have a little problem with scratching and biting my own paws… At first the humans thought it was from the kibbles… so they stopped giving me kibbles and gave me home made food! It is so good! But unfortunately I keep scratching… what’s wrong with me? I had some pustules on my body… a little red… and they smelled bad… My humans think I should see a vet because they have no idea from what I can have an allergy reaction… It’s not from kibbles… What do you think?
Now I’m happy it’s weekend! I can play with my humans, goof around… Here are a few photos!!!!

Ronin’s human with the computer note: Hi guys! We are so sorry that we can’t update Ronin’s blog more often; we hope you are not upset with us.

Can I eat this? Can I?

Pls give it to me!

What? Do you want a piece of me?

What I found belongs to me! It has no meaning to me it was in your closet!
I do not care that you say it's yours! It is in my mouth so it's mine!Go away!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Weekend... and a Cat...

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Thank you all for supporting me in my decision to go on strike! I told you that I suspended the strike during the weekend because we went to grandma’s house. It was so nice because we had a very good time: very sunny, a veeeery good barbecue (of course I got fried chicken!) and a new acquaintance (a CAT!)
I think I made you curious about the subject CAT! It is a very small, tiny black cat! She is very cute, but because I’m not aware of me being a dog I didn’t react at her spitting… yes she spit me the first time she saw me! But after that she became very interested to see where I was going, what I was doing… But I didn’t care about the cat… I was more interested about the food thing! Yup! I loved my fried chicken!
But Monday came and I went on strike again… I’m still on strike… although I got so many kisses and hugs… and treats… But NO! I stick to my decision! Strike!

PS: We are so happy for Kara and Alan!!!!!!! Kisses and hugs guys!!!

I'm so cute! With my bandana! I'm soooo cool!

Peek-a-boo! I see you!
Looking for the right spot to... pee... you know how hard it is to find the perfect spot!
Of course my humans made fun of me! Again!

This is the cat I was telling you about! She hasn't a name yet.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Hey guys! I’m on strike! I don’t like the way the things are right now! Nop, nop, nop! You know why? Remember when I told you that the human with the computer has an exam?! Well that exam was actually for a job! And now my human with the computer goes to the thing called job too! I don’t like it! I want the human with the computer home with me! All the time! It’s true that when the human comes home I get extra treats, hugs and kisses for being a good boy…
So I’m on strike… Tomorrow I’ll suspend the strike because I’m going to grandma’s house… I hope the weather will be nice…
Have a good weekend everyone and everydoggy!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I Refuse!

Hi guys!!! So sorry about the long time no bloggy but the human with the computer had an exam. Of course I was very upset this week because I wanted to play; I have a very tight schedule and I hate when I don’t stick to my program.
The weather chilled around here in a very odd way; you know I told you about those temperatures above 104 degrees F… well, in just a few days the temperatures are bellow 48 degrees F… very weird I tell you!
You can see in the photo that I don’t want to play with the human with the computer… now it’s my turn to refuse to play! How is it human??? Do you like it? Nooo??? So? I don’t care!
See ya guys! Have a nice weekend!