Saturday, November 17, 2007

I’m Soooo Tired

Hello guys! How are you? I’m fine… again my human with the computer invoked the busy stuff… I don’t like it… But it’s weekend again and I’m going to have a lot of fun. I got 2 rawhide bones today; oh yes I did! And the humans bought all kind of Christmas things! Oh I can’t wait to see them in our X-mas tree!!!
These days the human with the computer made some time to make fun of ME… And I was just trying to take a nap… What was so funny? I was tired! So what?!

Have a super weekend guys!

You woke me up! Go away!

Friday, November 09, 2007

An Angel and Some Cream

Hello guys! How was you week? Finally it is weekend and my humans have time for me again!
This week I got something new! Because I was upset that my human bought me devil horns for Halloween, I got an Angel T-shirt! Look at me! Don’t I look cute?
And of course my human had to make fun of me and post some pictures of me while I was eating cream… Excuse me but I don’t have hands but paws and I can’t use a napkin… maybe just to chew it.
Oh! Oh! Two days and our little Suki will turn 1 year!!!! Oh boy oh boy! Can you believe it! It was like yesterday she was a little, little puppy puggy! And she will give a great Barkday Pawty at Disney World!!!! Yeeeeeyyyyy!!!!

Have a great weekend all!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Scary Video!!!

Hey guys!!! How was your Halloweeeeen??? Did you get scared? Did you go trick or treating? I saw a few scary movies… Like Scream, Sleepy Hallow, Hostel, Final Destination 3, and Nightmare Before Christmas… yup… Very nice! We ate some chestnuts and pumpkin pie… actually my humans did… And after that we tried to go to bed… but after so many scary movies do you think I went to sleep? YES! Immediately! Hihihihi!!! I’m a grown puggy! I’m not afraid of no ghost!
Oh, oh! This is a video of me trying to protect the pumpkins (we nicknamed them Jack and Sally)! I thought they were just mine… but noooo the human had to take them; but I decided not to let them go! They were mine! Mine!

Have a nice weekend all!