Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bad, bad cold!

Hi guys! So sorry for not posting anything for so many days… all my three humans had a bad, bad cold! With fever, coughing… the entire “package”… I felt a little left out… I don’t like when people don’t spoil me, love me, kiss me. So I thought it was something wrong with me, that my humans don’t love me anymore. I decided to take measures to be sure they belong to me! I started to mark my territory! Well, all I can say is that it didn’t make them love me more! Now I know! I peed in the big bed three (3) times!!!; in my human with the computer’ bed one (1) time; on one of the carpets once (1)! Oh… the punishment! I wasn’t allowed in the big bed! At 2 AM guess who was whining around the bed… in the end I was allowed back into the bed… oh boy! I was sooooo happy!
So trust me! Marking the territory is a very, very bad idea!
Last week we put back in the boxes all the Christmas things… so sad… me and the human with the computer decided to keep one Santa. Just for awhile.
Now we wait for spring! We had a few very snowy and cold days around here, but now it seems that the weather is getting warmer!

We want to say how sorry we are for the tragic loss of Heath Ledger… so, so sad… May he rest in peace.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hey guys!!! It has been a loooong week! Oh boy! I’m still trying to recover after the New Year party hangover. All the humans went to the job thing again… this time I was very happy because I could take morning naps without anyone disturbing me… they simply destroyed my schedule, I tell you! I always have to take a nap from 8.30 (after my breakfast)!!! But nooooo! The humans wanted to plaaay with me! So I’m happy they finally went to work!
A few days ago I tried to fix some things around the house… including a mobile phone… I think I did an excellent job! YUP!
Well guys, have a super Sunday!
See ya!!!

Why are you laughing?? Why?
What? What is it?
Oh! Just water! You are making fun of me! Yes you do!
Go away! I'm busy!
What do you mean "give it back"? It's mine!
Almost done here! You'll see! It will work!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Funny Ronin

Heeeellooooo guuuys! Happy 2008!!! How did you all party? Did you have a lot of fun?
I did! I think… For sure the humans did have fun… they laughed at me! Why? Because I was trying to get those nasty reindeer horns that were put up thereee! On the bookcase! The human with the computer though it would be funny to get me on tape… ya’ right!
But I got my revenge! On the little reindeer! He is really cool because he sings when you press his belly! Soooo, I made him sing all the time!
We had a lot of fireworks, I didn’t like them so much… too much noise. And it snowed again yesterday! All daaaay! But it was too cold to go outside… so I watched the snow from the window…
Well, the week-end is almost here… Have a super nice weekend all!
See ya!!!

Let me play with it!!! Can you hear it? He can sing!

Mine! Mine, I tell you!!!
Na, na, na, naaaa!!! You can't take it from me!!!