Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Visit

Hello!!! Thanks everyone for your comments about the “amazing me”… I’m such a spoiled doggy dog! Yesterday was a full day! Other humans… called friends came to visit me!! Yes they did! They brought me toys! I was so happy about the company: I played, wagged my tail, jumped around… until I got tired and I went to bed in my basket… Oh and then the cameras appeared!!! They wanted photos of me! :) Humans are very funny… it’s amazing how easy you can enjoy them… I just went to bed!After the visit I ate and played some more. My humans try to make me not to wake up at 5:30 AM… They think it’s too early… but I tried… and it didn’t work… I need to go potty… and after, my sleep goes away and I want to play… I’ll see what I can do about this problem :).

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sleepy baby

I told u that they loveee to take pictures of me while I'm sleeping... I'm such a sweet and cute baby! Of course last night I was finished because I played all afternoon! :)

Monday, August 28, 2006

New doggy door

This weekend I got a new doggy door for me to go potty! It's lot of fun to jump through it!

Ronin’s Daily Schedule

Ronin’s Daily Schedule

My daily Schedule is very important to me; I wake up at about 5:30 AM – I don’t think my humans like this habit of mine – anyway… I wake up at 5:30, I use my potty and after I really, really NEED to play! It’s crucial for my development to play at 5:35 AM. So one of my 3 humans wakes up and plays with me… I love to be the center of the attention so I try to wake up the other 2 humans. At about 6:30 AM I have my breakfast… I play some more… this time I chase the humans when they are preparing for work. Funny! At 7:30 AM I’m beat up! I need my beauty sleep… and I sleeeeep until 11 AM. I always find new and funny ways to fall asleep… and as usual someone is prepared with a camera to immortalize the precious moment. After my nap I have another delicious meal and another round of playing, running and chewing all I can find. At 2 PM I have my lunch… some meat for me… yessss! After that a little potty and some sleep for me to grow (I need a lot of sleep, but I noticed that I don’t sleep as much as 3 weeks ago). Between my meals I get some treats – biscuits that look like bones… nice! At 5:30 - 6 PM I have my dinner served – a light meal (it’s not good to go to sleep with a big tummy). After dinner I play a lot and when I say a LOT it means a LOOOOT!!! I carry my toys all over the house, I nag my 3 humans, I bite, I bark… actually it’s a squeaky sound… :P
And at about 10:30 PM I surrender… I need a bed. :)
See’ yaaaaaa!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

We, The Pugs!

Hi again! It’s me! I surfed the internet and I found a lot of sites and blogs about brothers and sisters of mine all over the world! This is so amazing! I found out that we all snort… and I snort a lot… because of my small nose; when we are puppies we cough; we are playful but we get tired quickly (I DON’T); we looooooove our human parents and we love to cuddle. There are a lot to say about my breed… these are just a few things. I’m the baby of the house now… everybody spoils me. I just got a new toy! Oh yes I did! And I’m so excited about it that no one can take a good picture.

It's mine... go away!

Today I discovered in an old box a little doll... I decided that was mine. So why are they chasing me around the house for?? Oh it has rough edges and I can harm myself. Ok… but I can chew it some more???

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ronin The Warrior Pug

Today was a play day for me! I was just in the right mood for that… I was home alone for about 3 hours and I was so bored so when my parents came home I was so happy that I had to play until I couldn’t walk… I carried my toys everywhere… I chewed some doggy dog biscuits… very nice treat… u should try it some times (if u r a doggy dog). I run all around the house, I jumped – I wanted to jump in the bed… I couldn’t… I’m still too small.
Now I have to go to sleep! Tomorrow is a new play day! :P :)

I'm so sleepy!

I'm so sleepy right now! I eat, play, poo and sleep! It's a beautiful life... :)


Hi guys! Yesterday I was the toy of the house… they decided to make fun of me… No problem because the revenge was mine!!! I chewed their shoes! Oh yes I did!!! Naughty me! But they shouldn’t make fun of me. I was so sleepy and they put that bandana on me in a way that made me look like my grandma… Oh I forgot… I was allowed to explore the living room and I carried all my toys there… it was very funny.
Now I’m going to chew something! See’ya!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Tail

Hi everybody!!! Today is a fine day! Finally the weather chilld a little bit so I can breathe better and play a lot. Yesterday I wagged my tail for the first time. My human parents were so excited because my tail wagged! I discover every day new ways to entertain them… they are very easy to please. I stayed home alone for about 4 hours and I was a very good puppy. I played with my toys and used my potty. One of my bipeds said that today would talk with my vet because I developed a habit of licking the walls… they think that it is because I need some calcium… It is possible. :)
Now I’m going back to my toys! See’yaaaaaaa!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Amazing Me

This is my first photo in my new home! My humans were so happy! :)
I was just 7 weeks! What a day! I traveled with a car and I was a little bit scared… but when we got home I calmed down. Tiny baby!

Problems, problems

Hi! Sunday was a bad day for me… Everybody yelled at me… probably because I decided on my own to pee
everywhere… Or maybe because of the poo I made in the bedroom… I had to clear up my pipes, didn’t I??? Of course it seems that I missed my potty… Maybe that is why they yelled at me… I don’t see any other reason. Today I tried my potty and
everyone cheered up and clapped their hands… I should try it more often… they are really funny when they are so happy because I pooed…on my potty.
I ate a lot this weekend (that’s why I had to poo), I played, I didn’t snort so much.
We watched together a musical… “Grease”… it was fuuun… lots of colors. Other than that I didn’t understand too much… but the bipeds loved it.
For Monday I have no plans… just eating and sleeping because is a very hot day.
Kisses everyone!

Friday, August 18, 2006


Hello, hello! A new day has come! Today we have been to the vet for my vaccine. I cried a little but everybody was around to comfort me… it was nice after all. Hehehe!!! After that I got a treat because I was such a good puggy-pug. The vet said that my cough is not serious and it is a “mark” of my breed. When I’ll grow up it will disappear…
Now I’m going to eat… I’m hungry after such a long day!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My first Blog

Hello everybody! This is my first blog and I’m very happy because I can share with the world the “Amazing Me”… of course with a little help from my biped friends… I am a Gemini and I love to eat. For the moment I’m coughing a lot… the vet said that it is a “canine cough” which I have taken from my brothers and sisters… I simply think that the all snorting is because I have such a small nose and because I hate these hot days.
Now I'm going to eat... and playing.


I'm such a sweeeeeet puppy!!!! Yes I am!!! I could eat myself! I'm so cute!!!

I'm so cool

I'm the KING OF THE WORLD!!!! :):)

I'm trying to sleep

I'm Ronin and I'm almost 10 weeks old. I'm trying to sleep (u know how good is a good sleep for growing) and someone is always in my face with a camera. Plzzz let me sleep!