Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Prize Title: The Worst Blogger Ever

Hey guys! How are you all? Doing fine?
I’m OK… a little bored… I feel a little neglected… maybe it’s my impression. Because I have this feeling, I started to pee every morning somewhere in the house; the humans reached the idea that for sure I know how to count because on Saturdays and Sundays I don’t pee in the house. :P

Well… I got a new toy… it’s a bribe for sure… But I like it; the giraffe toy is so much cooler than the cat, don’t you think?
The humans are so busy… but the human with the computer promised that on December we will have so much fun and we will play all day long!
Until then, Halloween is coming!!!!!!!! Costumes, ghosts, pumpkins, horror movies, screams… oh boy, oh boy!

Now a few photos with ME, of course!
Have a super weekend all!

Peek-a-boo! Hihihi! I love hide and seek…

Can you see me? Yes? What do you mean?

I used to be so good at this game…
Oooooo a new tooooy!
You know the rules! It's MY toy!
Zzzzz... No! I'm not sleeping! I'm just testing the toy! Ya!
Look at my eyes! Human, use photoshop!
I'm busy right now... try to bother me later...