Sunday, January 28, 2007

Who's The Puggy - Pug?!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Puffy Ron

Hello everyone! How are you all? We just counted today and we (?!) realized that I’m here, in my family, for exactly 6 months! Six months ago my humans brought me home from the breeder; I left there my mommy and brothers and sisters, I felt weird, angry, upset for a couple of days because I didn’t know what would happen to me, but now I have to say that all turned up to be just right for me! Plenty of loooove, cuddles, kisses (all day long – from everyone who enters our house), hugs, treats, toys etc. Even though I was very suspicious about my humans (you should always keep your senses sharp), now I can say I made the right choice by coming with them.
Now I have a little dilemma/problem: I think you all have noticed I’m a little “puffy” (I didn’t want to say FAT)… My humans think that the puppy food should be changed gradually with adult food (because the puppy food has many nutrients and all kind of vitamins for us to grow)… But they are a little worried because the puppy food usually is changed at about 12 months… and I’m almost 8… What do you all think?
OK and now I have to brag about my blog being “Today’s Cool Dog Site” on
See yaaaaaaaa!
Do you really think you are artistic with this photo? Guess again!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Close Encounter of the Third Kind"

The weirdest thing happened to me a couple of days ago. I never told you, but my humans have another pet: a red ear slider turtle named Turtle… original, no? She stayed in her little aquarium until a couple of days ago, when one of my humans thought that it would be funny to introduce me to her… Nasty business I tell you! I did not like her, and I never will! My human laughed because I was so scared of Turtle (I told you it’s an original name, no?)… But Turtle looks really scary! She has long nails and a big mouth! So I was very precautious! You can never know what could happen… When she was in her aquarium I had no business with her, but now she was invading my SPACE! It’s mine! Finally my human picked her up and put her in her “house”! And stay there!
What the h... is that???
Why is she moving towards me??? Take her away!
Are you talking to me???
Look! She is walking in my kitchen!
I'm a warrior! Don't make another step!!!
Seeeeee???? I'm not afraid of you!
Hm... Turtle "wings"...
Or soup... Hihihihi!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sleeping... Beauty

Hi everyone! I have to say that this week nothing extraordinary had happened… I think we are still thinking about the holidays… what a beautiful time we had. My humans wrapped up all the Christmas decorations; one of my humans kept a Santa Claus figurine and put it in the living room… poor guy is all alone… all the elves, angels, reindeers are back in their boxes… all the beautiful glass bubbles from the tree are gone… hidden in the attic… My friend, The X-mas Tree, is back in his box… I’m sad! Oh well, my humans are saying something about Easter and the Easter Bunny, who brings gifts to the good pooches… I’m good! But they say I have to wait… The Easter thing is coming in April…
I’m also upset because I didn’t see the snow! They said is something wet and fun… My humans say that in this time of the year we should be covered with snow…
Because nothing extraordinary happened I decided to sleep… My little stuff friend accompanied me. Puggy kisses!

Friday, January 12, 2007

My Name Is…

OK you know my name… But some people ask my humans how they came up with this name for me… Well…my humans like Jean Reno, the French actor… you know him from “The Da Vinci Code”, where he played the role of Bezu Fache. When I came to my new home, my humans had recently seen the movie “Ronin” on TV with Robert de Niro and Jean Reno. They couldn’t name me Reno because it sounded like Renault (the French car)… So I ended up with the name RONIN! Oh boy I’m so glad they didn’t see Godzilla (with Matthew Broderick and Jean Reno).

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bath Day

Yesterday was a bath day for me! Oh boy! I love baths! I started to get excited when I saw the bottle of shampoo (of course shampoo for puppies); then the water in the bathtub… “Yupiiii!” I said to myself! I loved the bath and the bubbles… I fall twice in the water (with my head) because I jumped so much… Because I was so crazy my humans couldn’t make a good photo… The joy finished when they had to cut my nails… I HATE this process! After bath I felt so good! A clean puppy! :) But I have to say I was beat last night… I slept like a… baby/puppy…
Can you fill the bathtub again? Plzzz!
I'm the Puppy!!! Oh yes I am!
I'm so cool!
Can I read this book (chew)? Can I?

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tomorrow I’ll be 7 months!

Can you believe what a big pooch I am? 7 months! Oh boy! I decided to share some more pictures of the Precious, Amazing, Cute, Sweet, Baby, Puggy Pug ME! (and so Modest)

Where is the Baby? (7 weeks) Hi chicken! (7 weeks)
So tired... (8 weeks)
Are you making fun of me? Are you? (2 months)
What? What? (2 months and 1/2)
AMAZING POOCH! (3 months)
I'm too cute! (4 months)
The Little Prince (5 months)
I'm so funny! (6 months)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I've Been Tagged by Buster! - 5 New Year's Resolutions

Ok, Ok.... let me think a little... First the rules: I'm going to list my 5 New Year's resolutions and then tag five friends; then those friends will have to name their 5 New Year's Resolutions and tag five of their friends! Cool!
1. I resolve to tear up the rattan chair I really, really hate.
2. I resolve to try not to bark so much.
3. I resolve to be a good boy all year (it contradicts with resolution 1… but I’ll do my best in both).
4. I resolve to be a good puggy pug when my humans try to cut my nails.
5. I resolve to try educating my humans to give me more treats and toys!

And now I tag: Bandit and Paisley; Kritter, Rascal and Peekaboo; Ronak; Donut; and Oscar!

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If you want to see the Fireworks that celebrated the New Year and the Integration of my country in European Union here are some links!

Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year!!! Oh boy, oh boy! Everything was so new for me! Fireworks, Champaign, noise! I had no idea how to react… my humans talked to me all the time and I started to enjoy the New Year’s fireworks. In the New Year’s Eve we went in the center of the city to see the lights and the preparations for New Year’s Party; there were lots of people wearing funny hats, lots of lights and music. People really know how to party!
In the evening I was a little bit worried… my humans didn’t go to bed… when I started to feel sleepy I became very worried! What was happening? Again music, noise, laughs… weird! At 12 o’clock I was very awake! What a noise! Everywhere! Fireworks! Cool! I hoped after that we could go to bed! 12.30… no chance… I started to think that sleeping became forbidden… Finally I fell asleep… What a night!
PS: I'll attach a video in the next post!
Yes, I'm cute! And sweet! And funny!
Don't make fun of me!
What are you doing? What do you want to do with that?
Sorry because I've asked! Now can you remove this from my head?
Ok! I'm a Party Pooch!!!