Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Hi everyone!!! Christmas! I love Christmas! How was your Christmas time?
Did you get what you wished for? I did! I did! But let’s start with the beginning… Again, my humans cooked and backed all kinds of yummy food (but I was not allowed to taste it… not good for doggies).
I had a super Christmas bath! You didn’t expect me to scare Santa with my smell, did you? Hihihi! After that I helped the human with the computer with gift wrapping… I’m so good at that… in the end I ate some paper but no harm was done…
Because I was such a good puggy-pug (Ya right!) Santa came on Christmas Eve!!! Yes! With a lot of gifts! And as my human with the computer promised, with toys for ME!!!
Now I let you see my photos!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
When is Santa getting here?
I’m such a good dog… see? I’m helping you!
This gift paper looks yummy…
Can I eat this?
Zzzzzz! What are you doing, human? Zzzzzz....
Look at my puppy face!!!
Santa??? Not yet???
Maybe if I take a little nap, Santa will come...
He came!!! Yeeeeeey! My gifts!!!
Mine, mine, mine!
Wonder what's inside...
Piggy, go away! I'm busy!
And another present! What is it?
OH BOY!!!! A stuffed ball!!!!
Hihihi! What do you think, human?
TOYS! I love toys!
I want to play! Now!
I'm not here for you to make fun of me, human! Take Frosty! I'll bite him!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!!!

Oh boy, oh boy! Finally Christmas Timeeee! We decorated the Christmas tree!!! Yaaa! Of course I was very helpful; I was the chief in charge with opening the ornaments’ boxes! It is a very important job! I have photos to prove it!

OK! OK! I can do it! What do we have in this box? Oooo stuffed X-mas decorations!
Hahahaha! All year I wanted to put my paws on these, these… you always make fun of me, human!
What? You want me to get back to my job? C’mon… 1 minute…
Look at this Gingerbread! I like it! It’s not real you say? I have to taste it to be sure!
Hmmm…. I think you are right… but I still want to chew it! May I? No?! Why?
What? Can’t you do anything with that camera? Look at my eyes…I look like an alien!
[Human with the computer’ comment – Once again, Ronin proved how stubborn he can be; he just wanted that toy… you are wondering why we didn’t just move the ornament higher in the tree? We couldn’t! We were afraid that Ronin would just pull the tree on him trying to take the Gingerbread… But after a couple of hours he got bored and left the sight… and we moved the ornament. :P]
Now it’s the moment! No one's watching!
Got you!
I’m a good pooch! No, I didn’t do anything wrong… I’m a little angel, see?
Blurry image, human! Again!!!
I'm a little sleepy... and I really need to go to the bathroom…
OH NO! NOT AGAIN! I hate these horns!
A new toy! The Snowman! I must act quickly!
No, no! I wasn’t doing anything! Just acting cute! Do you realize that I’m going to bite you really bad after this?
But I think we will have to postpone the biting thing… I want to take a nap first…

Monday, December 08, 2008

Saint NICK!!!!

Heyyy guys!!! Saint Nick came, although the humans said that I wasn’t a very good puggy… too many pee-pees in the house… Oh well… Saint Nick brought me gifts anyway! He came in the morning of December 6th… last year he came in the evening of December 5th … I think he wanted me to wait and wait! Just to play with my nerves… I was so excited when I saw the stockings full of gifts that I forgot to open mine… I was running like a maniac… but finally I took my stocking and found my presents! Hihihihi! All kind of doggy treats and a new x-mas t-shirt… But NO TOYS! Whyyyyyy, oh whyyyyyyyyyyy?!! The human with the computer promised a new toy for x-mas… so I have to wait till then.
Oh oh! And the humans put up the X-mas tree… we will decorate it this weekend! Can’t wait! They also bought some new decorations… oh boy, oh boy! X-mas ROCKS! Isn’t it?
One more thing… the human with the computer found on youtube a X-mas cartoon! About 15 years passed since the last time the human watch it… But luckily someone put it on youtube! Noel, by Romeo Muller! It’s beautiful! We will put the youtube videos at the end of the post!
Now photos, of course!A super week guys!!
Oh, Chrismas tree! Oh, Christmas tree!!
Oh, c'mon human! Don't make fun of me... Again!
Mine, mine, mine!
Don't touch it! Mine!
What is it?
Paper! This is not mine... But you can give it to me later... to chew it!
Biscuits!!! Yeeey!
Can you help me open this?
Do you realize that I look stupid?!
I want a new toy!

NOEL! By Romeo Muller