Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No Title

Hi guys!! How are you all? I’m OK… today will be just 86 degrees F… so I’m happy. I’m also very happy and very proud of myself because I won Photo of the Month on Dogs with Blogs! I’m so modest, you see? All the doggies and their photos were so great!

Unfortunately this weekend we heard terrible news… we still can’t believe it… about little Oscar the Airedale… he went to the rainbow bridge… Suki wrote such an encouraging post yesterday… We have to remember Oscar and to keep him in our hearts forever…

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Very Special Day! And A Time Capsule!

Hi everyone and everydoggy? How are you all? Sorry for the long time no bloggy… the human with the computer is busy… preparing for something… vacation… I don’t really understand but I’ll try to find out. Today I woke up feeling the wind through the window… (poetic, no?)… it was great! After so many, many days of hot weather! On Tuesday the meteorologist recorded the biggest temperature in 50 or 60 years! 112.1 degrees F!!! We kept the ACs working all day long… and I got a fan just for me! I was a little skeptic about it at the beginning but after that I started to like it. Of course I got ice cubes in my drink…
Oh and today is a veryyyy special day!!!! Do you know why???? I’ll tell you!!! It’s exactly 1 year since I came to live here with my humans!!!! Oh yes! 1 year since I was a little tiny puggy, I traveled with a car in a very warm summer day, feeling so scared… But everything turned out ok, don’t you think?
Now I would like to thank UME for giving me this cool award! Rockin’ Dog Blogger!!!!
Oh and Jemima Jones tagged meeeee!!! It’s a fun game so here it goes! I have to think about five things I would put in a time capsule to leave to future doggies:

1. Many, many photos of me and my family and my friends! And a copy of my blog! :)
2. Of course Jemima is right! The whole Harry Potter books… so that the future humans to remember that is fun to be a kid from time to time, and to goof.
3. One of my rubber chickens… so that the future doggies to see a toy from the past…
4. Oh, oh I know! Crayons!!! So that they’ll spend a lot of time trying to figure it out what they are for!
5. A few DVD’s… with movies, music, games…
And I want to tag everyone for this game!!! Because is awesome! And everydoggy ROCKS! :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

That Hairy Potty…

Hi guys! This morning the humans came back with this: Hairy Potty… What human? Oh… Harry Potter… OK… I don’t know if it is for eating or playing but I’ll let you all know!
Have a nice weekend everyone and everydoggy!
A little bite here!
For meee??? No? So why are you showing it to me????

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are We There Yet?

Hello everyone and everydoggy! How are you all? Here is very, very, very hot outside! 107, 6 degrees F!!! We are going to melt! I don’t like it! In the weekend we went to grandma’s… I was so happy about the idea… When I saw my humans packing, I knew! So I took my leash and waited in front of the door. I couldn’t wait to get there! The weather was normal for July so we could enjoy a day outside with a big barbeque! Of course I got chicken meat again! Yumieee! I stayed in the shade under a summer umbrella and I was just fine…drank a lot of water. :)
My human captured some pics of a willow tree butterfly… I think that what it was; and another photo of a little girl pigeon… I mean… we think it was a girl… because another pigeon (maybe the boy) was bringing sticks and grass so that they could make a nest.
Oh and now I have to endure this kind of weather… so warm… too warm…
See’ ya guys! I’m going to drink some water and to take a nap.

C'mon! C'mon! Hurrryyyy!!!

What? I'm just chilling! Go away!

What is that? Stay away thing!

This is interesting no?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I CUZ! Thank you Boy n Baby!!! And it seems that I rock too!!

Hey guys!!!! Thank you Boy n Baby for sending me a CUZ! I had no idea what it was! Hihihi! I love it!! It jumps and makes cool noises! Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!
Oh and my buddy Duke decided that I’m a Rockin’ Guy Blogger and I get this cool badge to put on my blog!!! Thank you Duke!
How cool can it be? Now I’m going to brag about my CUZ and about me being ROCK!

And I want to say that all of you ROCK! And I give the badge to:

Pug Hugs!

For me??? What is it??? Give it to me! Don't play with my nerves, human!

Of course you know that now it's mine! No... I can open it by myself!
I can! I promise you! So go away!
See??? I have a CUZ! I know what a CUZ is! Yeeeees!
What? No you can't take a look!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Me and The Towel

E.T. call home! Hm... who is here? Can you guess??

Peek-a-boo! It's me!

Now wait just a few seconds… I want to fight a little with the towel!
Am I cute or what?
What? R u laughing human?
I'm dangerous!
I'm going to sneeze... So watch out... take an umbrella or something....
It's mine!
What? Oh the seconds turned into minutes... OK... Just one last bite!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Want to Take a Nap!

Hi guys!!! Happy 4th of July first to all my US friends!
How are you all? I’m sleepy and again the human is annoying me with the camera… I swear I’ll tear up that thing one day! Oh everyone asked if I ripped Harry Potter action figure’ head… no I didn’t! I was so upset because the human took it for me!
And a new event happened! I found out from Suki!! We have a new puggy in the blogospehere!!! Her name is Suki Sumo and she is very little! And cute!
Now I’m going to take my nap… Go away human!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Me and an Action Figure...

Hello everyone and everydoggy! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I was lucky because the weather chilled a little… they say it is just for a few days…
Well, my human with the computer is blubbering something about a book… I don’t know… that will appear very soon worldwide and everyone will want one… I’m not very interested because I can’t read… I tried a few magazine and newspapers but they end up in my stomach. Reading is just not for me… you should see Suki! She knows how to read!
Coming back to what I wanted to tell you about… my human came back a few days ago with an action figure made after the actor who plays the role of the main character inspired from the book that will appear really soon… did you understand anything from what I’ve said? Nooo? Neither did me…
Of course I was very interested to see what that little thing does… actually I wanted to chew it… and I did! I did! I still can’t get it why grown ups act like that… reading books for children… and they say to me that I have to grow up and not jump so much around the house… Ya right!

Hello! Can I bite this? No? Why not?

Give it to me! NOW!C'mon! Plzzzz!!! Look I'm cute! Now give it to me!
Come here you little thing!
I think I can handle it by myself! YES!
What do you mean "give it back"? Are you crazy human? It's mine! If it is in my mouth, it's mine! Now find yourself another toy to play with... you can take one of mine...