Monday, October 30, 2006


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ronin The Beggar

Hello everyone! I'm still having problems with my teeth… it seems I’m losing them all… And my gums are really painful… Poor ME!!! Because of the teeth I’m sometimes grumpy and nervous. So I try to bite my toys… to bite! With what? I look like an old man… Because of that my humans call me “Babuska”… Well on the other hand yesterday I got a T-shirt just for me!! Oh yes I did, I did!!! And is customized… it has my blog's name on it!!! My human left in the morning and a couple of hours later appeared with the T-shirt! I told you that humans are funny! My humans even said that they would attach my picture on the T-shirt… Everyone loves me! I’m so modest, you see!
In the evening one of my humans tried to eat something… but I started begging… oh and when I beg you have to do it my way! So of course after I gave some puppy look and whining I got some treats!

Some Posing! Now go away, I'm busy!
Puppy look... What can u do?
Gimmie, gimmie!!! Plz, plz, plzzzzzz!
C’mon man! Don’t u see me?
Almost there! BINGO!!!
My T-Shirt

Friday, October 20, 2006

All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth!

Well guys I lost my two front teeth and I really, really need them… I look so weird without my little teeth… and I can’t bite anything right. My humans tried to find my baby teeth… but I think I swallowed them… Hope that my new ones will last longer. Yesterday one of my humans put me on a chair at the table… of course I was very curios if I could find something to eat so I tried to climb on it… But I didn’t find a thing for me… maybe next time.

Today I got a new mattress because the old one was too tiny… I’m a big boy now! Oh yes I am! The new mattress is very soft and big just for me!

Now because I ate and my tummy is full I need my beauty sleep. Maybe I’ll find the Tooth Fairy… Do you think she works for doggies too?? Well if you find her send her to me... I need my teeth... See yaaaaa!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sleepy Ronin and His Toys

Oh man! I can’t do anything without one of you following me?! I’m so sleepy right now and you are making fun of me! Go away! So what I’m on your pillow? It’s really comfy. Why do you think I’m seating on it? And let my little chewed shoe alone (what’s left of it)… Every time I want to spend a little quality time with myself, one of you shows up and nags me. Ooooh you think if I sleep now I won’t be sleepy tonight! Yes you are right! I’m preparing to jump, bark and play! Love my job! :)

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Oh I almost forgot! I want you to meet my TOYS! Yeees! Love my toys! I don’t like playing alone so I carry my toys where my humans are and I challenge them in a little play. Finally they have to surrender; I am a warrior so I’m prepared for everything! My favorites toys are: the chicken (he is my first enemy – my humans bought him a few days after my arrival in the new home), the little green horse (actually, we didn’t establish if he is a horse or a camel), the rubber hedgehog (he is funny because he makes lots of noises), the pink-green bunny witch I got for my birthday (his legs are squeaking) – the other bunny in the picture was not mine but I got him and bite off his nose – of course I love the ball, the string, the dog, the rubber ducky… Hm… wonder what I’m gone get for Christmas?! See’yaaa!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Sweater

Hello guys!!! Today my human grandma finished my sweater. She decided to make me one… just to see if I accept something on me except my beautiful coat (I’m so modest!). Of course I didn’t like the little sweater on me and I jumped around the house, I ran, I scratched… but finally, because grandma was so happy, I stayed like a good boy for my humans to admire me! And I posed for a few pictures! Oh and they laughed… actually I was amused too… I looked so funny like an old man… :)
I have the small impression that my funny humans are planning to dress me up for Halloween… I wonder what is their choice… Oh boy, oh boy!

Friday, October 13, 2006

For Moe

(Picture taken from

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The meat balls

Hello!!! Happy birthday to me!!! Yesterday I turned 4 months! Can you believe it? I got new toys! A rubber ducky from my human grandma and a stuffed bunny from my humans! I love it! I carry the bunny everywhere I go. Oh yes I do, I do!
Today one of my humans made meat balls! They smell so good! But my human said that I’m not allowed to eat meat balls… Oh how upset I was! I was hearing the meat balls in the frying pan and I couldn’t put my paw on them! I waited and waited until I got very sleepy… so I took my bunny and fall asleep in the kitchen dreaming about the meat balls… Oh well, I said to myself… if they don’t share the meat balls, I’m not sharing my bone biscuits with anyone!
Pug Kisses everyone!

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Friday, October 06, 2006


Hello! This post can be an update to the one I wrote (!?) yesterday… it’s about me growing (up) and the changes I’ve been through. In just a month my little body has changed… I don’t have that puppy look and I look more and more like a grown puggy! I said I look not I feel! :)
My tail is much curlier than a few weeks ago; now it shows my humans when I’m happy, when I’m feeling blue, when I’m very excited about something or when I’m curious. When I was very, very small my little tail had no reaction to anything; my humans asked the vet if I ever, ever would use it! :P Funny!!!! Now I use my tail a lot and my humans understand me… it’s weird that we don’t talk the same language but they seem to understand when I try to tell them to do a thing or two for me.
Also my little ears look different! Very different… when I got to my new home my ears looked like the ones of a teddy bear… after a while they’ve grown… and now, just in a week they changed again! At first my right ear looked like folded… and after three days the left one made the same fold… Of course my humans got scared when they saw my right ear different from the left one… so they surfed the internet: and BINGO! They found out that the little pug ears transform like that from flying ears to the ones with a fold. Weird, ha?
I think that very soon my baby teeth will start to fall down… because of the pain I’m very upset and nervous sometimes; one of my humans bought a cream for human babies used to calm down the pain when the new teeth appear.
My character has changed too! As a baby I was very calm… maybe because I was coughing all the time and I couldn’t do anything right. But now I’m very determined when I decide to so something (good or bad); let me give you an example! Yesterday afternoon one of my humans repaired something… I tried to sneak behind him to steal a tool… but my human has sharp senses too (like me) and he saw me! And said “go away!”… You think I did go away?? Noooo I didn’t!!! I pretended to play with my chicken toy and I managed to get close to the tools…and finally put my paw on one! Now you see how determined I am? :)
My fur color changed from dark to fawn and my pink belly is now very…”tanned”.
We will see in the next months what changes will appear… I can’t wait!
Pug kisses everybody!

(my new ears)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Look at me!

Hey guys have you noticed how much I’ve grown? I’m a big puggy! When I got the play house I was so small and the house so big. Now it looks small, isn’t it? But I still love it because I can hide a lot of things in it: sticks, leaves, everything I like to steal… On Saturday I’ll be 4 months! I hope I’ll get something nice for my little birthday! This morning I was so sleepy that accidentally I fell from the bed; it was not very high and I didn’t hurt myself but my human took me and gave me lots of kisses… :) Maybe I’ll try again! Humans are so funny!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My bark

Today one of my humans decided to watch a horror… Of course I didn’t enjoy the screams and all the noise… Because I was sleepy. So I took some measures and I barked and I barked… :) I am so annoyed by the screams… I do not understand very much from the movies… but what I can’t really get is why they scream?! In the morning I was home alone; I was such a good pooch! When one of my humans came back I was hiding in my play house! How funny was my human! I got out and I wagged my tail and play! My human was so happy to see me jumping around! :P

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Bandit and Paisley

We just found out that little Bandit and Paisley are not feeling very well! :( We pray for them to be OK!
(picture taken from

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Doggy Harness

Hello, hello! This weekend I was a good boy so I got a new doggy door just for me. Oh yes I did, I did! My humans said that the old doggy door was too small for me! I grew up! And I’m still growing! Oh yes I am! So the new doggy door is perfect because is bigger and I can jump through it all the time… I’m practicing to become a master of doggy door jump! :P
One of my humans was preparing something that I love very much: chicken! Oh I simply adore chicken… I would do anything for it… so I jumped and jumped around my human… I got a good carrot which I devoured immediately. So I started to jump again for the chicken… but my human said “Stay calm! When it will be ready you will be the first who tastes it!” Hmmmm… waiting is not one of my qualities…
Oh and I got also a new “doggy harness”… it’s blueee!! Oh yes it is! Because I’m a boy! :)
At first I didn’t like it… I scratched myself and I scratched… but finally after everyone said what a handsome boy I was I accepted the blue thing around me. My humans said that I’ll look dashing when we’ll go to the park!
Kisses everyone!!!