Sunday, August 03, 2008

The human with the computer is back!!!

Hey guuuys! I missed you all!!! Finally the human with the computer returned from Paris… with gifts, stories and a lot of photos (3,000)!!! We’ve uploaded a few (look down)!
I’m soooo happy!!! Of course I’ve got a new toy! From St. Germaine en Laye, where my human stayed; I’ve also got a new T-shirt! That’s from Paris!!!!
And the Minnie ears aren’t mine you know?! But the humans had to make fun of me! Lucky them… I was very sleepy so I stayed with those things on my head for a few photos… Oh well… I’m cute!

The human with the computer says that Paris is awesome! It has great things to see, super yummy food, museums, parks… one word! AWESOME! The human went to Disneyland of course! I’m so jealous… :P

Now let me upload a few photos with me of course! The first ones are with me and a new buddy! Stitch they call it! It’s funny!
Enjoy and have a super Sunday!

Disneyland, Paris and Versailles!!!!

A few photos from Disneyland Park! (

Paris!!!! Arc de Triomphe (

Eiffel Tower! (

Trocadéro (view from Eiffel Tower) (

Hotel de Ville (,_Paris)
Jardin du Luxembourg (
Galeries Lafayette (
The Louvre Museum (

La Madeleine (

Moulin Rouge (
Notre Dame de Paris (

Opéra National de Paris (

Pantheon (
Place de la Concorde (
Pompidou Center (
"Le coq"
"Sleeping Muse"

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