Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bad Habits

Well, I told you I’m a weirdo… Let me tell you something about my really, really bad habit that drives my humans insane! Biting their feet, trousers, sleepers, toes… when they walk! And I’m acting like a maniac! If they say “stop” I’m biting harder! It’s fuuun! Oh yes it is! You should see the look on their faces when they go for a cup of tea (for example) and they wake up with ME attached to their feet. They’ve tried everything to stop me doing that but they have no chance! It’s too much fun! These are a few shots that my human with the computer tried to take while I was doing my best in biting one sleeper.
Excluding this bad habit, the humans say I’m a good pooch… Oh yes I am! I’m behaving really nice when we have guests, when I’m left home alone, when going to the park, when I have to use my potty… So I don’t think that biting human feet is a real problem, do you?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Teddy Bear

This post is dedicated to Teddy… my lovely bear… he isn’t so lovely anymore (although one human tried to wash it) because of my “tender” love. Teddy has a really nice story… and here it is.
The human with the computer bought the Teddy before I came to live here; Teddy was a gift in a package from “Cocolino” (I’m allowed to say the brand?)… When I came in my new house I was so little that the humans thought I was missing my puggy mommy… so they gave me the Teddy to sleep with… He was way bigger than me… :) Now I’m bigger. But I still love Teddy, though I bite him really hard sometimes… so sorry Teddy! And this is the short story of my Teddy… do you have a Teddy?
Because a lot of you asked about my weird walk I can tell that no one thought me that… I’m just plain weird… I don’t know why I do that thing but it is a way to make my humans laugh… I started it really young… it just came to me. I’m so talented… and so modest… :P
[Ronin’s human with the computer note: I kept another Teddy hidden in case Ronin “loves” his Teddy bear too much and tears it into little Teddy parts.]

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thanks Buster!!!

Hey guys! Look! Buster has nominated my photo with me stuck under the bed as photo of the month – April at Hihihihi!!! That is so cool! So if you want just log in and cast your vote at

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Caught on Tape - The Feline in Ron

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Finally I was caught on tape doing my weird thing! It’s something I did since I was a puppy, but my humans couldn’t record, although they seem to have a camera stuck to their hands. I do it when I do something bad, or when I like to play with the humans… today I was very playful and the human took the camera and recorded my play… at one moment I had the brilliant idea to do my “feline” thing… My human almost burst into laughs but it was a very serious business… the human was saying… “Come! Comeee heeereeee!” :P The humans are so funny!

Pig's Ear....

Hello everydoggy! How are you? I’m sleepy! Kara was right! I started to cuddle! It was just a matter of time! I grew up! Now I love to sleep between pillows... I’m just a spoiled little guy. Yesterday the human with the computer left me home alone… I was a good pooch… I devoured a pig ear… very good! Actually in the process of chewing I had a revelation! This is not real pig ear! I’ve been tricked! It was made of veggies in a shape of a pig ear! What’s wrong with these people I ask again!? To make a pig ear, to call it a pig ear and the pig ear is not a pig ear… I suspect that my humans knew about it and didn’t tell me. When the human came back, I got a new rawhide bone… they are my favorites! My humans say that when I chew a rawhide bone I look like hypnotized… Maybe… And I got a new cotton rope! So, I bragged… How have you all been? Puggy kisses!

Monday, April 16, 2007

My Hometown

Hello everyone!!! This is a very special post for Suki because she asked me about my hometown. As you all know I leave in Bucharest, Romania. Bucharest is the capital of Romania since 1862; the first references about Bucharest appeared in 1459. In the period between the two World Wars, because of the city’s architecture and the presence of sophisticated elite, Bucharest was nicknamed “Paris of the East” or “Little Paris”. The communist years and the earthquake (1977) damaged a part of the city. But the specialists say that the city experiences a cultural and economic boom after the European Union integration. And here are a few photos :) The photos are taken from:
my humans' camera.
This is the Arch of Triumph, built in 1922, after Romania gained its independence, so that the victorious troops could march under it. It is opened only on December 1, the Romanian National Day.The Romanian Athenaeum was built in 1886; it is the main concert hall and the home of “George Enescu” Philharmonic.
This is “University Square”, one of the biggest squares in Bucharest; this is the place where a part of the Romanian Revolution took place.
The Palace of the Parliament; its original name was House of the People; it’s the second largest building in the word after the Pentagon.
Cercul Militar Central, the cultural meeting place of the Romanian Army, built in 1912.
The National Museum of Art
University of Bucharest
The Statue representing a she-wolf, symbol of Latinity, was a gift from the Museum of Rome (1906)… the statue with the she-wolf and Romulus and Remus, the founders of Antic Rome.
"The Village Museum" is an open-air ethnographic museum, showcasing traditional Romanian village life. The museum extends to over 100,000 square meters, and contains 272 authentic peasant farms and houses from all over Romania.

The oldest bank building in Bucharest was built in 1896
The Palace of Justice, built in 1890-1895
Bucharest National Theatre, built in 1967-1970
Monument of the heroes of aviation

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photo Contest and a Bee

Hellooo!! How are you all? I’m recuperating my strength after the long Easter weekend. So I’m taking my new Buddy “honc-honc” and I’m trying to take a nap… But an annoying thing with wings is buzzing at my ear… oh is a bee my human says… Don’t play with it… OK.... but it doesn’t look dangerous; are you sure, human, I can’t bite it? Noooo?!
Oh I almost forgot! My human post a picture of mine on the Django’ (cool pug) Pug Forum at so you can (plzzz) vote for me… if you want to, of course… :)
Puggy pug kisses!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My First Easter!

Hello!!!! How was your Easter, guys? I hope it was fun! Did the Easter Bunny come? He came to me!!! Oh, he did! He did!!!! He came on Saturday because it was my birthday too! I turned 10 months! Almost a big puggy!!! Look what I got!!! A stuffed dog that “honcs – honcs” when I bite it! It sounds exactly like me! Honc – Honc! This was from the Easter Bunny! And for my birthday I got 2 rawhide bones! I love them!
On Saturday my humans prepared the delicious food for Easter… oh… that smell… lamb steak, roast beef, chicken… Yummmiiiieeee! Boiled and painted eggs (I told you about them), a nice cake called “cozonac” and another one specially baked for Easter “Pasca” that contains sweet cheese, raisins, rum… Of course I was not allowed to taste it, but it smelled good.
We went to the countryside again… finally I was lucky! The weather was so nice! Sunny! I talked a little bit with one of grandma’s dogs… He is Teo. Very funny guy! I couldn’t talk to the Caucasian one because she was very determined to bark at me. The humans prepared a barbecue… I got chicken! Oh yes I did, I did!
When we came back home I had to take a bath… Of course I enjoyed it very much, but I can’t say the same thing about the dryer thing… But the human said it was necessary to be dried… so I was a good pooch!
Now tell me all about your Easter!

I love thiiiiisss!!! Oh is so gooooood!This is for me? Are you sure?Hahahahaaha!!! Nice sound Buddy!Look at these eggs! They look so... yumie!I'm gonna get you!What? What's that? Did you hear something?Hey! What's up? Don't you want to talk to me?
A song:

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Few Things about Easter!

Hello everyone and everydoggy! Easter time is almost here! And the Easter Bunny is preparing with lots and lots of gifts! You all know about Easter and if you don’t celebrate it you surely heard about it. In Romania, Easter (Paşte) is the biggest and the fundamental holiday of the Orthodox Church. The people prepare for the Night of Resurrection by keeping a Great Lent (they don’t eat anything that contains meat or other animal products– eggs, milk, cheese… they become vegetarians for a few weeks). Weird humans!
The best things about Easter are the EGGS! They paint the eggs! Oh yes they do! They make them red, green, yellow… every color! And they have other eggs (they can’t be eaten) painted with wax and beautiful designs. My human says that these eggs are prepared in a very special way and the secrets are known only by few people. I’ll put a photo with a few of these eggs… they are called “ouă încondeiate”. The red eggs are very important for Easter.
On the Great and Holy Saturday in all the churches in the country the light is turned off (you will see why); only a flame is struck in the church’s altar (a flame that comes from Jerusalem); at midnight the priest lights his candle and then he lights the candles held by his assistants, who then go to light candles held by the people that came for the celebration. After that the priest and all the people process around the church building, holding their lit candles. And they sing “Christ is risen from the dead, Trampling down death by death, And upon those in the tombs, Bestowing life!” It is very important that in the morning of Easter every house has a candle lightened from the church.
And now about the eggs! People take the painted eggs and one of them says “Christ is risen!” and the other one responses “Truly He is risen!” and the first one hits the egg of the other person with his own egg. The eggs are given to friends and family as an Easter greeting.
I’ll tell you more about the Easter traditions in my next post!
Now I’ll go to find out if I can play with one of those Easter decorations.
Pug hugs!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Hello!!! I have photos from the countryside! I had no luck with the weather because it was rainy. But it stopped for a couple of hours so I could run around the yard. It was also a little cold so I had to wear my hoodie. But I liked to run! Grandma’s doggies didn’t like me so much… The Caucasian Shepard barked at me… I don’t know why; the other one (a Shepard mix) was a little afraid of me… but he tried to interact a little bit with me. Of course my humans were overprotective… they said that before we could play we had to get use with each other… But we didn’t have time… we left grandma’s house in the evening. But we will go again for Easter! :P
Here are some photos with the Amazing Me… The last one was on the way home… I was so tired!
In the next posts I’ll tell you about Romanian’s traditions for Easter (of course if you are interested). Puggy kisses!