Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Little Frog-Pug

Well guys, I’m very curious about the next week! I’m trying to behave very good because I don’t want Saint Nick to forget about me! My humans bought lots of things and they wrapped them in red paper… But I wonder why they hide one from another… And they hide the gifts in strange places… Hihihi!!! I’m the only one who knows the exact location of every gift!

I know something you don’t know! Na, na, na, na, naaaa!!!
And I’m not telling you so stop it! I’m tired… Zzzzzzz!!! Why are you laughing??? I look like a what?? A frog?! What’s that?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

About Saint Nicholas

Well I promised you that I’ll tell you about the other Jolly Saint who brings gifts on December 6! Here they celebrate Saint Nicholas (you know Saint Nick). All the little girls and boys clean their shoes and place them near the window and then they go to sleep! On the morning of December 6 they’ll find their shoes full of GIFTS! Oh yes they do, they do!!! Toys, candies, games! Really, really cool!
But you ask: Who is Saint Nick??? Well my humans say they know a little about him. Saint Nicholas was actually a real person and he was a bishop in Myra, a city in Turkey, at the beginning of fourth century. But how did he become known for bringing gifts? There are several references to the Saint and one of them is about three young sisters who were very, very poor; their parents were too poor that they did not have the money to help their daughters to get married. Because Bishop Nicholas was to shy and couldn’t give the money directly, he tossed a bag of gold into the poor house at night for the first sister to get married; when the second girl prepared to marry, she got a bag full of gold. When the third girl was ready to marry, her father wanted to know who was the mysterious person. He stayed and watched and saw the bishop when he dropped a bag of gold into the house through the window. When Nicholas realized that he has been seen he asked the father not to tell anyone, but soon everyone found out and every time when someone received an unexpected gift they said it’s from Saint Nicholas!
The Dutch veneration of 'Sinter Klaus' was brought to North America with the Dutch settlers and eventually became the story of Santa Claus that everyone knows.
Today Saint Nicholas is celebrated in Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Romania, Greece, Italy, Russia. Even the naughty children receive a willow switch or pieces of coal.
I was a good little boy so I’ll get really nice things… no willows or coals for me!
So I can’t wait 6 of December! Kisses everyone!!!

What's that??? What's that? I have to rescue those little guys stuck in there!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Preparing for Christmas!

Oh boy, oh boy! This X-mas stuff is really fun! I got already all kind of things; and I heard that Santa will bring lots of gifts! FOR ME!!! Oh yes he will, he will!
And I heard that here they have another jolly Saint who brings gifts on December 6! I’ll tell you all about him in my next blogs!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Ronin Goofing Around

What? What? What's that on my head?OK! OK! I'm starting to feel funny! What's on my head?

Are you making fun of me? Yes you do!
Hey! Where did you go? Who turned off the light?
That's better... No it's not! I'm still wearing that thing on my head!
Ok, ok! Some posing!
Now GO AWAY! And take the thing on my head with you!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

About the belly button

Hey guys! I have a big problem and I need your help! My belly button didn’t close till now. The vet said that we have to wait until I’m 6 months to see what happens to it; the belly buttons of my brothers and sisters closed at 6-8 weeks… I’m the only one with a “slow” belly button… The vet said that it is a little umbilical hernia and that the procedure of closing it is not a big operation. But my humans are really, really worried because of the anesthesia… They read a lot of things that happened to little pugs because of the anesthesia, but also that the procedure has to be done at an early age. In books says that the procedure is necessary if the umbilical hernia is a medium one (a little umbilical hernia or a big one are not a problem)… My humans don’t know what to do… my next vet appointment is in December when I’ll have my anti-rabies shot and then the vet will decide if I need an operation.
So guys if you plzzz find/know any articles published on the internet or if you know something about this tell me!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm 5 Months!!!

Hey guys! Today it’s again my birthday! Oh yes it is!!! I’m 5 months now! What a big boy I am! I was a good pooch so I’m sure I’ll get something nice from my humans!
Yesterday I was playing with a toy and I felt something on my mouth: it was another tooth! A big tooth! My humans got it before I could deliver it to my tummy…. Why are they so happy about a tooth? I don’t get it… Again I became Babuska… Really funny guys! I can tell you that I lost almost all my baby teeth! I’m really happy because the Tooth Fairy makes a very good job… My new teeth look very nice and strong! :)
My humans are starting to prepare for something called Christmas… I heard that Santa brings nice things… They bought some things for the X-mas Tree… I can’t wait to see what a X-mas Tree is… Well will see!
It’s my birthday! Oh yes it’s my birthday!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Baby Tooth

Look at my baby tooth guys! One of my humans managed to get one while we were playing today! I didn’t feel a thing and all my humans were happy! :) I swallowed all the other teeth… I don’t know why… If I knew how happy my humans would be if they got one! Oh I forgot to tell you!!! It seems that Santa gave me my two front teeth in advance for being such a good pooch!