Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tulips, Turtle and a Stubborn Puggy! And un UPDATE!

Hey guuuys! Spring! Flowers! I love spring! Not too cold, not too warm... Perfect!

You are wondering how did I get on the living room table… oh well… it was simple… from the couch! Hihihi!!! And the human ran after the camera… humans are funny… I still don’t get them… I'm cute!
Hm... My ear is itchy... just a second...
Now let me pose...
Another photo from this angle, plz...
And from this one too! Oh! I could appear in... Vogue?!
Don't say I'm cute! I know I am! OK say it!
What is Turtle doing on my pillow????
Go away! It's mine! MINE!
Make her go away, human!
C'mon! Don't sleep here!
Can I bite her??? Plz! Plz!!!
Now really human! The joke it's over! Make her go away!
I give up! I'm sad...
NO! I really want to get there??? Nothing will stop me!
Don't try to make me change my mind! I want to get there!
Zzzzz.... I'm sleepy... Did Turtle go away from my pillow??
UPDATE!!!!!! [Ronin's human with the computer' note: We didn't expect Ronin to go and sleep on the same pillow with Turtle... Turtle is trying to find the perfect place to lay eggs and she wanders around the house... she stopped on Ronin's pillow this morning... and he was very upset because Ronin is a very posesive puggy.]
What? I'm so sleepy! And she is still staying on my pillow...
What? Don't you dare post these photos on my blog!
If I could just push her...
But I'm too sleepy!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A New Puggy?! No? Good!

Hiiii all! I’m such a terrible blogger and commenter! Blame it on the human with the computer! Yup! Yup! Yup!
How are you guys? I’m jus fine; let me tell you! Last weekend we went to the countryside! It was awesome; I had some barbecue, I played outside, I tried to mark the entire yard… what else… again I acted like I didn’t see the other dogs (I’m funny, no?), I played with the skateboard… When we got home I had a really nice bath of course!
Oh you should see what my human with the computer found in a toy store!!!! A puggy toy!!!!! I was so jealous; I thought it was another puggy that came to take over my territory and my humans! But noooo! It was stuffed! Hihihihi!!! Now I like it very much!
I can’t imagine myself sharing my toys, treats, food, humans with another doggy! No, no, no! I’m just perfect and the humans don’t need a second doggy. I said it!
Tell me all how are you?
Have a super Sunday all!
See yaaa!!!

I don't like stepping on these rocks...
Oh! I'll be the next Tony Hawk!!
Don't you laugh human! I'll tell you! I'll be better than Tony Hawk!
What's that? I'll go see!
Hm... where should I pee now?
Here is the perfect spot! Don't rush me!
Back home! I'm trying some new moves on the skate!
Go away! I'm practicing! No, I'm not going to brake anything...
One puggy, two puggies, three puggies... go away human! I'm trying to count!
Zzzzzzz.... ten puggies....
You are still here? God you are a maniac with that camera!!
No, I'm not giving you the toy pug! Take your mind off it!
If I wasn't so sleepy... I would bite you! OK I wouldn't... but go away!