Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hi guys! Ya I know... loooong time... Blame the human with the computer! First work, then a broken toe… my human with the computer… But, on the other paw, I am doing very well! Eating, playing, sleeping, and peeing everywhere… Same old me! Hihihihi!
For being such a good pooch (Ya! Right!) I got new toys! You have to admit I have a really cool collection of toys. The human with the computer bought me two (not one, but two) “squeaking” balls! Ya! I was so excited when I saw the package! Oh boy!
And talking about toys; a few weeks ago the human with the computer got this amazing doll (not for playing… the human with the computer is also a toy collector)… This dolly is so awesome because it smells like vanilla… it’s made somewhere in Spain. I tried to steal the doll… can you imagine a better toy?! Smells so good, it has stuffed parts and rubber parts!!! Not to mention the hair and eyes, perfect for chewing… :D But of course I didn’t succeed… I tried my puppy face; I tried my angry face… but NO! I was not allowed to play with it… stupid human! But sooner or later I’ll put my paw on it!

Oh! Oh! We’ve got photos, of course!

Have a super Sunday all!

Something for ME?????
Ooooooo boy, oh boy!
I like it a lot! Thanks!
Another one??? Hihihihi!
I'm a little sleepy... can we play later?
Just 5 minutes... Zzzzz...
What? Do you have something to tell me?
You are so boring, human...
What do you mean it's not mine? Of course it's mine! I got it!
Don't even think! I've got fangs and I'm going to use them! What do you mean I'm cute? I'm not cute! I'm ferocious!