Sunday, June 07, 2009


Heeeeeeeeeeey guys! I know, I know! I’m such a terrible blogger! But I have tonnes of photos and stories about ME! Of course!
It’s my BIRTHDAY!!! 3 years old… can you believe it? I’m a big boy! And of course, the humans prepared a nice surprise for me! Cheese cake! Yummieeeeeee! I love cheese! And there were gifts too! But c’mon I’ll better show you the photos!

Hey human! R u sure this is for me???
I'm a little nervous... Oh boy!
Ooooo this is so gooood! Cheese!
No, no! I don't need any help!
Ah OK... if you want to... you can help me...
Where did you go with that spoon???
Gifts? For meee??? Hihihi!
This gift rocks! A paper bag! Love it!
What do you mean "the bag it's not the gift"?
Ooooo! I should look inside the bag!
OK! OK! I got it!
What is that thing?
TOYS!!! I absolutely LOVE toys!
A photo from this angle, plz!
You know something? I love the toys but I'm keeping the bag too...
I can't??? It's my birthday! I can keep the bag!
Give it back, human!
Oh well, let's play!
What is that Mickey doing there???? I don't know this Mickey!!!!!
I want it! Give it to me! Now!!!
C'mooon! Plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!
[Human with the computer' note: Ronin has begged for about an hour to give him the Mickey Mouse. As you all know by now, Ronin is a perseverent little pug...]