Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hey Guys!

Hi everyone! It’s been such a long time… My human and I missed you all very much. We lost one of my humans at the end of last summer… I couldn’t fully understand what happened… My human just stopped coming home… and the other humans were very, very sad, and some other humans called friends came to our house and they were very sad too… They blamed all on something called DCM and on some people called doctors… I’m still waiting for my human… I’m so confused…
I stopped being a good puppy… I don’t listen anymore, I pee everywhere… especially during the night… I wake up and I pee 10 times in the hallway… a dozen times…
The human with the computer still took photos of me… Although I’m aware I don’t deserve the attention…

For me??? Really???
This is not for me? Plzzzz! Can I have the box?
Halloween! I'm a Bumble Bee!!!
Don't laugh! Stop it!
Who turned off the light???
Christmas time... This was a sad Christmas...
Did you get me anything?
There? What is it? Toys???
I'm cute! Look what Santa brought me! If you didn't get me anything, Santa did!
Snow! I love This white stuff! What do you mean don't eat it? It's good!
Who is there?
I don't want to go home! Let's play in the snow!
For meeee!!!!!!!! It's for meeeeeeee!

I see you!
Mine! All these bags are mine!
I knew it! You bought me something!
I know I peed the other doggy beds... But see?! I got a new one!
And a new toy! I'm so spoiled! What do you mean I don't deserve anything? You bought all of these!
Mine, mine, mine! And I'll try not to pee on my new bed...